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No let up in pressure on the Dollar index (USDX) so far today

The ailing dollar has received very little in the way of support since my last update here on its price action. The Dollar index (USDX) did later fall below the 102 handle yesterday and closed below there too, at 101.84. It has fallen back a bit more so far today and remains under pressure, as the EUR/USD just now hovers near session highs, above 1.10. The next and final Fibonacci support level on the index has now come closer into view and that is at 101.42. The low seen so far today has been set at 101.70. US treasury yields are on the drift right now and a little lower than seen earlier and that is pushing the USD/JPY back towards the 142 handle and at the same time helping to nudge gold a little higher. So, the US currency is pretty friendless right now, but it might have one ace left up its sleeve, if that US PCE data surprises to the upside. Of course, if that is not the case, then the dollar could come under further pressure this afternoon. 

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