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No end yet to London delistings as FTSE holds modest gains into the close today

According to latest press reports out today, the UK listed oil giant, Shell is considering to delist from the London Stock exchange (LSE) and re route to New York. That news is not confirmed though and it is important to stress that fact. Also noted today, was the holiday company TUI, which began trading on the Frankfurt stock exchange today, after also previously delisting from the LSE. There will be doubtless more of these to come in due course and that is partly why the FTSE 100 has had a hard time keeping up with the gains in many other overseas markets so far this year. Granted the FTSE 100 higher than at the start of the year, but these continual delisting activities are doing it no favours. The index closed on Friday at 7,911, it is just now trading around 7,940 coming into the close of business today 

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