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Nikkei 225 almost trades above 40,000 for the first time ever

The record US stock market closes have helped to lift Asian stocks and none more so than the Nikkei 225. The Japanese benchmark has almost traded above 40k for the first time ever today. The high seen was set at 39,990 and it has not long closed, 744 points higher, at 39,910. That rise close to the 40k handle has helped to lift the USD/JPY and reverse pretty much all of the losses it suffered into the month-end yesterday. The Nikkei futures have traded above 40k this morning though and it only seems a question of time before the index will print a high above 40k next week. The Chinese PMI data released earlier this morning has helped to lift all the global stock markets, not that it was markedly better, but perhaps because it was not markedly worse 

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