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Nasdaq 100 off worst opening levels in early trading

The US stock markets have been open  now for around 45 minutes and the opening was mixed today, with a slightly higher opening for the Dow Jones, but lower openings for the S+P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes. The Nasdaq and the tech sector has been the lead in that respect and the Nasdaq 100 is being weighed on by further opening losses for NVIDIA. However, other tech stocks have been under pressure too. The Nasdaq opened today at 17,412, after closing last night at 17,546. It has traded to a low at 17,390, but it is off that low right now. Of course the results from NVIDIA after the closing bell has all stock market participants holding their breath. I will be back with more of this later and ahead of those results, due out at 9.20pm GMT. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 17,440

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