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Nasdaq 100 turns it around into the close

Yesterday shares in the leading US tech stock, NVIDIA (NVDA) took a hit in early trading. The stock fell by more than 4% and as noted that impacted the Nasdaq 100. The index fell back below 18k, to a low at 17,973 at one point. However, as NVIDIA subsequently pared that loss (closed 2.04% lower), it led the Nasdaq to rebound and it rose back to above 18,170. The index later closed 69 points higher, at 18,169 and that ensured the Nasdaq 100 was the best performing US stock market index into the close. The Dow Jones closed ever so slightly lower yesterday, so once again there was clear divergence between the two sectors at the end of the session. The gain in the Nasdaq allowed the S+P 500 to close higher too. Overnight the Nasdaq 100 futures made some further progress and at one point it was priced to reopen later today at above 18,200. However, the US CPI data could have a major say in where it actually reopens, as that data will be released one hour before live trading resumes. The index is currently priced to reopen at around 18,185 

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