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Nasdaq 100 sets record daily close above 16,800

Once again is was a day of superlatives for the US stock markets. The Dow Jones and the Nasdaq 100 set new all time highs and then posted record daily closes. This time it was the Dow Jones that led the way, with a 0.68% rise on the day, but more on that index later. The Nasdaq100 put on 0.49% after reaching a new record at 16,813. It closed pretty much on that high, when posting its first ever daily close above 16,800, ending the session at 16,811. The long-term daily chart tends to point towards potential for a rise to above 17k on this current run. Technically, it is not so overcooked as the Dow Jones either. The 14 day RSI here is around 78. Overnight the Nasdaq futures have gained a little too, aided by yet more gains in the Nikkei 225, which is currently up by more than 1.5% this morning. The Nasdaq 100 is now showing a year to date gain of over 53%. I got to admit, I did not see that a few months back. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen at around 16,820 

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