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Nasdaq 100 sets record daily and weekly close- check out the Nasdaq 100 futures today

The US stock markets are closed today for the Memorial Day holidays and that has without doubt helped to curtail activity in the the Asian markets. However, the Nasdaq 100 futures are trading this morning and right now they are ever so slightly in the red. On Friday the Nasdaq 100 posted its highest ever daily and weekly close, at 18,808. The all time record high was set last week at 18,907. There is no doubt that further gains in NVIDIA last week helped to propel the Nasdaq 100 to those records, but on Friday it was not actually the best performing tech stock. That is because in percentage terms NVIDA gains were beaten by the likes of Tesla, Meta, AMD and QUALCOMM. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen tomorrow at around 18,790

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