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Nasdaq 100 sets news record high above 19,000

Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 rose above 19k for the first time ever and closed above that level too, right on the highs of the session. The record high was set at 19,035.87 and the close was at 19,035.05. The index was driven to reach this new record by another surge in NVIDIA, which also set new records above $1,200 yesterday. However, other leading Nasdaq stocks such as ASML and Broadcom also played a role in breaking new ground for the index.The one interesting take away from all that transpired yesterday was that the market cap NVIDIA surpassed that of Apple. Overnight the Asian markets have followed the US higher and that has helped the Nasdaq 100 futures to discount an even higher opening for later today. Right now that is just above 19,050 

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