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Nasdaq 100 sets new record and new record close

Yesterday, as reported here, the Nasdaq 100 led the early gains for the US stock markets and it remained that way until the close last night. The Nasdaq eventually rose above its current 16,860 all time high and pushed on, to above 16,900. The index set a new all time record high at 16,907, before later closing at 16,878. That was of course a new record daily close for the Nasdaq 100. Overnight the Asian markets have followed the higher US closes and have been led by a rebound in Hong Kong. The Nasdaq 100 futures have therefore not backed off much and of course the gains yesterday have ensured the Santa Claus rally is playing out across the US and wider global markets. The Nasdaq 100 future is currently pricing a reopening for later today at around 16,885 

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