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Nasdaq 100 set to join the party? Take a look at the Nasdaq 100 futures today

On December 31, 2021 the Nasdaq 100 set a record high at 16,764. The index came closer to testing that high yesterday, when it rose to a new 2023 high at 16,581. The index later closed at 16,562, with a gain of 208 points on the day. The surge in the US stock markets was seemingly focused more on the Dow Jones and for good reason of course too, as it made history by rising above 17k for the first time ever. Well, history has not yet been made for the Nasdaq 100, but it could soon join the party. The Nasdaq 100 futures are above 16,600 today and earlier were pricing a reopening at above 16,650. So, as you can see, the index is set to come closer to its current all time high. The question now; is can it join the party hosted by the DAX and the Dow Jones? Well it would seem unwise to ignore the potential right now and those lower US yields are clearly a major driving force, especially if they fall even more. The Nasdaq 100 future is currently pricing the reopening at around 16,625

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