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Nasdaq 100 rejects 16k again in early trading

Earlier this afternoon, ahead of the US opening, the futures prices were indicating that the Nasdaq 100 might reopen above 16k, which is a level it has been constantly rejecting since the start of the week. Well, the index opened just shy of that level, at 15,990 and that was the top of the shop so far. The Nasdaq 100 has since fallen back towards 15,850. Hence, yet another case of close, but no cigar for the tech index this week. It is off that low now though, as it lifts from 15,855, closer to 15,900. Leaving that short gyration to one side, the opening level today, at 15,990 has actually filled an open price gap that was left ajar on Monday, when the index cap opened lower to below 15,850. The index is currently trading at 15,895

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