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Nasdaq 100 posts first ever close above 18k as NVIDIA surges

Perhaps soon you will get bored of me writing about NVIDIA, but right now it is front and centre of the headlines and simply cannot be ignored. So, the stock rose another 16% yesterday and that meant an increase of some $277 billion in its market cap in just one single day. The impact across all the US markets was clear to see, but it was the Nasdaq 100 that of course benefitted most. The Nasdaq 100 closed 525 points higher and posted its first ever daily close above 18,000. The index closed last night at 18,004. Earlier it had come very close to setting a new all time high above the February 12 high, at 18,041. The index topped out at 18,034. Today the Asian markets have mostly risen, but the Japanese markets are closed the Emperors Day public holiday. However.the Nasdaq 100 futures have rather stalled for the time being, currently pricing a reopening at around 17,990 

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