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Nasdaq 100 outperforms in early trading as it lifts above 18k

The US stock markets have been opened for just over 30 minutes now and in that time, the Dow Jones has traded above 39k, but it has not outperformed the Nasdaq 100. So, it seems the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100 are reaping more advantage than its peers after the US PCE data release. It is of course too early to gauge whether or not any of the US stock markets will suffer a bout of last minute, month-end profit taking, but it would not be a surprise were that the case Right now though there are more buyers than sellers. The gains in stocks comes as edges just above $2,050 now and the USD/JPY extends further to the downside, breaking more decisively below its 21 day moving average. The USD/JPY is just now hitting session lows as it falls towards 149.25. The Nasdaq 100 now rising above 18,000, currently trading at 18,025 

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