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Nasdaq 100 opens higher but can it make real headway today?

As expected and reported upon a few times today, the Nasdaq 100 has just reopened higher. The index closed last night at 19,474. It reopened at 19,555. It  has traded to a high so far at 19.572, but it is early days as far as the session is concerned and of course we have a batch of US economic data due shortly, at 2pm GMT. That might shift the dial, but most recently tech and the Nasdaq have been doing their own thing and it is uncertain, whether or not that US data will detract from that. Now, at the same time the Dow Jones is in the red, but not by that much at this early stage. So, it remains to be seen if we will get a lasting reversal in the most recent pricing dynamic, that has seen the Dow significantly outperform the Nasdaq. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 19,530

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