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Nasdaq 100 limps into a slightly lower quad witching weekly close

On Friday the Nasdaq 100 and S+P 500 indexes were seemingly held back the noted expiry across a huge volume of stocks and options (Quad witching). That said the range on the index was pretty tight (19,643-19.801). The index closed on Friday, at 19,700, with a loss of 51 points on the day and that further cemented the record level outside day reversal it has set the day before. The Asian markets are mixed today, with gains in Japan contrasted by losses in China. The Nasdaq 100 futures have flipped either side of the 19,700 so far today and right now they are slightly into positive territory, but that can very quickly change as the morning unfolds. The Nasdaq 100 is just now priced to reopen at around 19,710 

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