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Nasdaq 100 lifts back towards session highs as Powell awaits and the Euro rebounds

Today the gains in the US equity futures during the European session did deliver higher openings for all the three major indexes. The Nasdaq 100 led those gains as it reopened at 18,161. Much earlier today it has been priced to reopen below 17,900. The high very soon after that opening was set at 18,201, but it back off sharply from there to a low at 18,100. It is on the rebound again now though, as all the stock markets await day 2 of the Fed chairman testimony. This time the Fed boss is talking to the Fed senate banking committee. Elsewhere the Euro has completely turned around its earlier losses versus the dollar, Pound and Yen. It has been quite some turnaround too. The reason for that is all due to further comments from the ECB boss, who has seemingly ruled out any  ECB cut until at least June this year. Meantime the Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 18,170 

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