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Nasdaq 100 leads as US stock markets set new records

It was another record breaking day on Wall Street last night, as the Dow Jones and S+P 500  indexes reached new record highs. However, the leader on the session in percentage terms was the Nasdaq 100, with a gain of 1.01% on the day. However, despite leading, the index stopped short of setting new records. The current all time high at 17,665 was not surpassed. The high seen on the day was set at 17,603. The index later closed at 17,596, with a gain of 175 points on the session. The big test for the tech sector could come after the close tonight, when Alphabet (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) report their Q4 2023 earnings. The Nasdaq 100 futures are not much changed right now this morning and currently indicating a reopening around where the index closed last night

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