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Nasdaq 100 leads US stock gains into the close

The rebound in the US stock markets yesterday and subsequent higher closes was led by the Nasdaq 100. The index closed 1.51% higher, which compared to a 1.2% gain for the S+P 500 and 0.69% for the Dow Jones. Shares in Tesla (TSLA) managed to steady ahead of the close too, ahead of their Q1 results just after the closing bell. In the event those results were below estimates with earnings at $21.30 billion and EPS of $0.45. Perhaps, in the event those numbers could have been worse and as suspected here yesterday, a good deal of that poor report was already priced in. So, the Nasdaq 100 futures are higher this morning. The index closed last night at 17,471, with a gain of 260 points on the day. That further extended this corrective rebound. The index is currently price to reopen close to 17,600. There will be a look at some technical levels play for later today. 

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