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Nasdaq 100 leads US gains with a close above 18k.

Yesterday the US stock markets all closed higher and once again it was the Nasdaq 100 that led those gains. The Nasdaq 100 gained 202 points to close at 18,093, with a rise of 1.13% on the day. That compared to gains of 1.03% for the S+P 500 and 0.43% for the Dow Jones. The Nasdaq 100 reached a high at 18,094, so as you can see, it pretty much closed on its best levels of the day. The index was led higher by rise of 3.77% in the price of NVIDIA. The Nasdaq 100 futures are a little lower this morning though. It was noted here yesterday; the Nasdaq 100 might continue to press closer to the record highs set on March 21, at 18,464. The final Fibonacci correction level is still guarding the topside though and that is in place at 18,112 (76.4% of the 18,484-16,973 fall). The index is just now priced to reopen around 18,080 

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