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Nasdaq 100 leads lower US stock market opening as USD/JPY extends gains

The US stock markets have just reopened for live trade and it has been a lower start to the day, as priced into the futures beforehand. The early moves have seen the Nasdaq 100 lead the losses. The index reopened a moment ago at 16,413. It is currently a bit above that opening level as the Dow Jones and S+P 500 struggle for traction in early trading as well. The dollar has remained firm and that has seen the USD/JPY now extend on the topside, rising above its 200 day moving average  (now at 143.18) the high seen there just now was set at 143.41. The higher US yields are benefitting the USD/JPY as much as they are pressing down on the US stock markets. The US data at 3pm GMT is now not far off being released and it could decide if the Nasdaq 100 will reverse these current opening losses. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 16,437

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