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Nasdaq 100 leads the charge as US yields crumble

The reaction in the US bond markets to the CPI data delivered a rush into US treasuries and that saw US yields and the dollar crumble. This in turn delivered a rush into US stocks and of course it was the interest rate sensitive Nasdaq 100 that loved those lower yields the most, as is so often the case. The Nasdaq rose to 15,850 at one point, before later closing 329 points higher, at 15,812, That was a rise of 2.13% on the day, which compared to gains of 1.91% for the S+P 500 and 1.43% for the Dow Jones. The index came very close to threatening the current, July 19 high for the year, at 15,932. So far in Asian trading today, the Nasdaq 100 have made some further progress and right now they are pricing the reopening at around 15,855, as a sea of green unfolds across the Asian markets this morning 

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