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Nasdaq 100 lags as Dow Jones has a look above 38k

The US stock markets have now beeb open for nearly 30 minutes and it has been a positive opening for all three major indexes. The Dow Jones has pushed above that 38k level in early trading, reaching a high so far at 38,036. Both the S+P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes have opened in the green too, but the tech sector is flattering to deceive a little at the moment. The Nasdaq 100 closed last night at 17,713. It reopened today at 17,785 and the high seen so far has been set at 17,788 and it is backing away from that high right now, as the Dow seems to edge back a little. So, the risks of the opening gains petering out looks live right now. The index is currently trading at 17,730 

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