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Nasdaq 100 kicks off final session of the year just about in the green

The US stock markets have just reopened for the final live trading session of 2023. The Nasdaq 100 has officially opening ever so slightly higher, at 16,902 after closing last night at 16,898. The Dow Jones has opened lower though, but we are talking small moves here so far. However, it is very early in the session and for at least the first 15 minutes both indexes might have to fight out a more discernible direction. I said earlier today; that no matter what happens it has been a record Santa Claus rally this week for the Dow Jones and for the Nasdaq too. The fact that the Nasdaq 100 did post an outside day reversal yesterday is not at all conclusive at this stage, but it is worth noting all the same. The index is not yet making much headway and perhaps for that very reason? We shall have to see on that. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 16,903

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