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Nasdaq 100 has some big numbers to digest after the closing bell tonight

It might not matter where the Nasdaq 100 closes tonight because after the closing bell we have 3 huge tech giants reporting their Q3 earnings. These kick off with Amazon (AMZN) at 9pm GMT. Then at 9.15pm GMT we get the same from Meta (Facebook), followed by the biggest of the three at 9.30pm GMT. That is Apple (AAPL). The Nasdaq 100 kicked off the new month higher today, but given the falls seen yesterday, that was hardly a surprise. The index opened today at 17,216 after closing last night at 17,182. The high seen ahead of the ISM release was set at 17,243, but it has reacted negatively to that much better than forecast ISM data. However, given the detail of that ISM report the index could easily have fallen back further than it has so far. In fact it is trying to rebound off that reactive low just now. That said, I repeat what I said at the start of this update; it is not the index itself that might be in play today, but what happens to the futures prices, when those big tech numbers hit the wires this evening. The Nasdaq 100 is just now trading at 17,228 

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