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Nasdaq 100 futures unimpressed by NVIDIA beat

Yesterday evening after the closing bell the eagerly awaited Q3 results from the rising star, NVIDIA were released. The company beat on most analyst predictions on revenue ($18.12 versus projected $16.18 billion) and EPS of $4.07 per share ($3.37 expected). The company also forecast Q4r revenue in excess of $20 billion. So, you might think that the share price would charge higher and have a similar impact on the Nasdaq 100 futures after the closing bell. The Nasdaq 100 had closed lower by 93 points, at 15,933. This news did send the futures a bit higher, but not for long because NVIDIA later blamed the US authorities for its damaging export controls and how that might impact further performance unless changed. The Nasdaq 100 futures traded lower again on this and since then the index future has struggled for traction. It is currently pricing a reopening at around 15,920, with NVIDIA shares not much changed from the close last night, at around $499

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