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Nasdaq 100 futures unable to avoid what is going on in Europe

On Friday the Nasdaq 100 rose to set a new all time record high, at 19,113. However, and as with the S+P 500 the index could not sustain that move into the weekly close. The reversal that followed saw the index drop back towards its earlier session lows. The index had earlier reopened at 18,992 and set a session low at 18,958, before the rise to a new record played out. The index later closed 20 points lower at exactly 19,000. Today the sea of red across Europe, led by losses in France has impacted the Nasdaq 100 futures in a negative way, as perhaps have the gains in US yields eventually it seems too. So, right now the index is set for a lower opening this afternoon and one which may yet extend further to the downside, if tech buyers decide to hold off on the likes of NVIDIA for a change- we shall see when live trading resumes later on. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen at around 18,960

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