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Nasdaq 100 futures stride on after yet more closing records for the tech sector index

The Nasdaq 100 did not even come close to filling the yawning opening gap it left wide ajar yesterday. That was from the close the night before, at a then record 19,212, to the opening level at 19,358. The low seen at any point yesterday was set at 19,347. The index later closed at 19,465. That 254 point gain of course ensured another record close for the tech sector index. It was a case of more broad based gains too, with many tech companies joining the rally. At the same time the Dow Jones did not close higher, but more on that later. The Nasdaq 100 futures have not looked back since the close either and right now the index is priced to set another opening gap later this afternoon. That is because right now the Nasdaq 100 futures are pricing that opening above 19,600. 

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