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Nasdaq 100 futures still under pressure from Tesla and Apple

The news surrounding Tesla and Apple noted here earlier this morning has ensured the Nasdaq 100 futures have not rebounded. There can be little doubt; that a 25% drop off in iPhone sales in China is not good news and neither was another kick in the teeth for the Tesla share price yesterday. Tesla is lower by around 2% in the premarket today, following the news of the gigawatt factory closure in China. So, the Nasdaq 100 is still set to open lower later today and anything that delivers a sizeable move higher in US yields this afternoon from the ISM data right now may not help much either. Of course, more recently the Nasdaq 100 has ignored any rise in US yields, but perhaps on this occasion it might struggle to maintain that dynamic. Of course we have to see, if those yields rise first, but right now the index future is focusing on the latest news concerning Apple and Tesla. The Nasdaq 100 is right now priced to reopen around 18,110, where it closed last night at 18,226

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