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Nasdaq 100 futures still in the red this morning

The drop back in the Nasdaq 100 futures last night after the closing bell was all about a degree of disappointment over the Q4 results from Microsoft and Alphabet. As noted here last night, when those results hit the wires, the numbers themselves were not bad. If anything they were quite good in many respects, but perhaps not good enough and the drop in advertising revenue from Alphabet was certainly one factor to explain the losses in that pre-market share price last night. So, the Nasdaq 100 futures are still in the red this morning, after the index closed 119 points lower, at 17,496. The fall in Chinese stocks this morning has not helped much either. So, the Nasdaq 100 future is currently pricing a reopening at around 17,340, but it has been as low as 17,290 earlier today 

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