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Nasdaq 100 futures still in the green today

Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 was the best performing major US stock market index, but we are not talking about much in terms of gains. The index only closed 22 points higher, at 15,225. The range on the session was covered by 15,161 to 15,268. Overnight and this morning and despite some red in Asia earlier, the European markets are just about holding their own right now and that has helped the Nasdaq 100 futures to maintain a positive outlook for the opening this afternoon. That said, in terms of gains right now, it is not much that cannot be reversed before live trading resumes. There is very little US data due out today, with only some housing data later on and besides, whatever there is would not matter that much ahead of the Fed tomorrow. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen at around 15,250

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