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Nasdaq 100 futures still in the green this morning

Since my last update here, looking at the price action in the DAX, the German benchmark index has fallen back further and has now taken out the point at where it closed on Friday, at 16,704. The break below there has delivered some further downside just now, towards and just below 16,675. At the same time, the US futures are lower. The Dow Jones is now in the red, but of course the index itself will not be open later today. The same can be said of the Nasdaq 100 as well. However, the Nasdaq 100 did close modestly higher on Friday, but we are talking small gains there. The index closed just 0.07% higher, ending the week at 16,832. Earlier in the day it has reached a new 2024 high at 16,900. The Nasdaq 100 futures are still clinging to gains right now, but only just, as those other markets head south. The Nasdaq 100 is currently pricing a reopening for tomorrow at around 16,842

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