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Nasdaq 100 futures still feeling the fallout from higher CPI

As noted here at the time, the Nasdaq 100 was sent sharply lower after the release of the US CPI report yesterday. The index eventually fell below 17,500, but later recovered some of the losses into the close, rising from a session low at 17,478 and later closing at 17,600, with a loss of 282 points on the day. That made it the worst performing US index in percentage terms. The index handed back 1.58% yesterday, but we do have to put that in the context of the recent record gains this week. Also noted here was the fact, that finally a jump in US treasury yields had a negative impact on the Nasdaq, as it did on the Dow and the S+P too, Overnight, the Nasdaq 100 futures have struggled to rebound and that is not much of a surprise really, given those US yields remain elevated and the markets are still reeling from what unfolded yesterday. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen at around 17,615

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