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Nasdaq 100 futures steady this morning after another record close last night

As covered here yesterday evening, the Nasdaq 100 came very close to hitting the 20k level for the first time ever. The high seen was set at 19,977. However, that psychologically important 20k did seem to mark a level that might prove a little hard to crack at the first attempt and the index slipped back a little into the close. Nevertheless, it was still a record close for the Nasdaq 100 last night, at 19,902.75. That was a gain of 242 points on the session. That 1.24% rise helped to lift the S+P 500 to a record closed too, but more on that in another update. It also helped the Dow Jones snap a 4 day losing streak. The gains in the US have helped to lift the Asian shares today. Prior to that it helped the European futures gain after the close too. Right now the Nasdaq 100 futures are not far removed from where the index closed last night 

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