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Nasdaq 100 futures slip as China cracks the whip on gaming stocks

Yesterday the 3 main US stock markets all recovered a good deal of the losses they had suffered on Wednesday. The best performer amongst the three was the Nasdaq 100, which put 1.23% and closed 203 points higher, at 16,757. That close was not far off the high of the day, at 16,768. Overnight the Asian markets are rather mixed again though, with modest gains in Japan giving way to heavier losses in the Chinese markets. The reason for the contrast there is due to a crackdown on the gaming sector by the Chinese authorities and that has dented tech shares across the Chinese markets. This has impacted the Nasdaq 100 futures this morning. The Dow Jones futures are lower too, but more on those a little later. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen later today at around 16,710 

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