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Nasdaq 100 futures slightly in the red today

Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 grabbed the yellow Jersey and cycled with it all the way to the finishing line. The index rose to 15,335 at one stage, from an opening level at 15,201. It later closed at 15,296, with a gain of 141 points on the day. That 0.93% rise compared to gains of 0.29% for the S+P 500 and just 0.17% for the Dow Jones. It was abundantly clear, that the drop back in US yields last night helped the Nasdaq to outperform, but the Nasdaq futures are a little in the red, as those US yields tick higher so far today. That said the moves in US treasuries are slight, but as noted here many times before, it only takes a couple of basis points these days to shift the price action across a number of asset classes. So, the Nasdaq 100 futures are currently pricing the opening later at around 15,275

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