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Nasdaq 100 futures slightly in the red as Chinese markets take another hit today

The Japanese markets are closed again today for the last New Year public holiday, which saw them closed for most of last week too. Hence, the Nikkei is not open again today, but if it was then it would surely be lower. That is because the Chinese markets have taken another hit today and the losses there are once again being led by a more than 2% decline in the Hong Kong market. It is the tech sector there that is leading the losses once more. That is spilling over to the US futures this morning weighing on the Nasdaq 100. The index had fallen back from a high at 16,415 on Friday. The subsequent low was set at 16,249, but the Nasdaq did avoid a lower close on the day, when ending the session on Friday at 16,305, with a gain of just 23 points on the day. The European markets are currently set to reopen lower this morning and the Nasdaq 100 future is in the red too, currently pricing a reopening at around 16,285

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