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Nasdaq 100 futures rise as US yields slip and Chinese stocks rise

The major US stock markets all closed lower yesterday evening. Even the Nasdaq 100 was unable to shake off the rise in US treasury yields resultant from the better than expected US service sector ISM data. That said the index did not close much lower at all, ending the session 29 points lower, at 17,613, after recovering from an earlier session low at 17,469. The Nasdaq 100 was the best performing major US stock markets and the Dow Jones was the worst. However, overnight the Nasdaq 100 futures have rebounded as those US yields edge a little lower. The Chinese markets have rebounded strongly today and that might have helped the opening outlook for the US markets later today. There will be more to add on China later today. Meantime, the Nasdaq 100 futures are currently pricing a reopening at around 17,645

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