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Nasdaq 100 futures in the red after the index leads US stocks to a lower close

The US stock markets were unable to set any higher closes yesterday evening. The Nasdaq 100 stalled short of any new records, peaking on the session at 18,313. So, the current all time high, set on March 1, at 18,333 remained intact. The index closed not much above its lows of the day (18,218), at 18,226. The lower close was led by losses of close to 10% in Tesla, as the automotive giant continues to flounder.  Overnight, the Asian markets are mostly lower, led by heavy losses in Hong Kong, of more than 2.5% just now. That has not been helped by news; that Apple iPhone sales have slumped by close to 25% in China. So, the Nasdaq 100 futures are in the red this morning and currently pricing a reopening at around 18,145

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