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Nasdaq 100 futures pushing higher ahead of US data releases

Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 was unable to avoid a lower close. The modest gain in NVIDIA yesterday was not sufficient enough to stop the index from handing back 132 points, to close at 18,736.It was still the best performing major US index in relative terms, with that 0.70% loss. Earlier today the Nasdaq 100 futures were pricing a reopening as low as 18,600, but as the morning has unfolded the index future has been pressing higher. Right now that is still in the red through, currently around 18,690. Naturally, those important US data releases might have an impact, but perhaps more likely it will be how the stock price of NVIDIA performs today, which might matter most. That is because this stock is rapidly moving to a market cap that might soon see it eclipse the likes of Microsoft and Apple, which are the only two now in the way of it becoming the most valuable company in the world. 

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