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Nasdaq 100 futures point to a slightly higher opening today

As mentioned in updates here earlier today, the Dow Jones was the best performing US stock market index in percentage terms yesterday. However, that is not to decry the fact that both the S+P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes both posted higher closes too. The Nasdaq 100 managed to force a daily close above 18k yesterday. The index added just 47 points, to close at 18,032. That close was helped by a slightly higher close for shares of NVIDIA (NVDA) too. So, just as the US opening looms, the Nasdaq 100 futures are pricing that opening at around 18,050. Understandably the Nasdaq, like the Dow and the S+P may be subject to whatever the Fed has to throw at the markets this evening. So, perhaps whatever major moves that turn up today might have to wait until that event is out of the way and markets digest whatever that has in store for the US stock markets as a whole 

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