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Nasdaq 100 futures near session highs despite Fed governor comments

A leading Federal Reserve Governor is right now conducting an interview with Reuters and in that discussion John Williams has just said he does not see the need for a Fed rate cut. That has not had much of an impact across the markets at this stage and it has certainly not dented the US equity futures yet. Those markets currently have the bit between the teeth and the records reached yesterday are not yet set for a correction it would seem. That  especially applies to the Nasdaq 100, as the demand for tech sector stocks reaches a new level. Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 rose to set a new record high at 18,607 and later closed at 18,596, with a gain of 273 points on the day. The futures price is still close to session highs (18,640) and just now pricing the opening for this afternoon, at around 18,620 

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