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Nasdaq 100 futures lift after earlier indicating a reopening very close to 17k

Netflix released their Q1 results after the closing bell last night and it was a blow-out report from them. However, it is important to add; that this company is not a tech company as such and not part of the Mag 7 for sure. However, it is still ranked no.11 by weight within the Nasdaq 100 index. Ahead of that better than forecast report, the index had led the US markets lower (ex Dow Jones of course). The index closed 99 points (-0.57%) lower last night, at 17,394. Earlier this morning the Nasdaq 100 futures got hammered on the Middle East headlines and that sent the price tumbling to indicate a much lower reopening for later today. The low point in that respect was very close to 17,000. However, as some of the dust on all that seems to settle, the futures have rebounded, but still remain in the red at the time of writing here. There are no Mag 7 companies reporting Q1 earnings later today and besides it looks like geopolitics and risk aversion are much more important this side of the weekend anyway. The Nasdaq 100 futures are currently pricing the reopening at around 17,260

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