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Nasdaq 100 futures leading the way this morning

As the opening gains here for the major European stock markets seem to dissipate, the US futures are mixed. The Nasdaq 100 was the worst performing US index into the close on Friday. The Nasdaq 100 closed 206 points (-1.15%) lower, at 17,808. The futures price is still pointing to a higher opening for later on, even as the Dow Jones futures turn slightly into the red. Perhaps one reason or that could rest with a rebound in Tesla shares in the pre-market this morning, following their announced price increase across some overseas markets. That said, it remains to be seen, if the index will actually open higher later on, as that is by no means a done deal, with other indexes struggling a bit for traction here in Europe. That coupled with a drop back in the Nikkei 225 futures just now too is adding some doubt. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen at around 17,915 

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