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Nasdaq 100 futures just keep going- above 17,825 now

There has been no let up in the rise of the Nasdaq 100 futures and now the index is priced to reopen above 17,825. That is some considerable way above where the index closed last night and this is fanning further gains here in Europe. That much better than expected French PMI data has boosted the CAC 40 even more, as that index also sets fresh records too. The DAX does not need much excuse to reach new records above 17,375 right now either it seems. All these records are being driven by the gains in pre-market shares of NVIDIA. It seems crazy that one stock can have such an impact, but it was the spark that set light to the fire this morning. The dollar is suffering further as a result, but we see very shortly if that German data will spoil the party or not

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