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Nasdaq 100 futures holding gains as Dow Jones backs off

Since my last update here on the US equity futures markets, the Dow Jones has curbed its enthusiasm. Earlier the futures price was indicating a potential record opening above 37,800. Well, since then price has dropped back to below 37,700. It is hovering around there right now and it seems some trepidation has crept in ahead of the US CPI report. At the same time the Nasdaq 100 futures are still on the front foot and pricing a reopening above 16,850. So, once again we have some divergence between the two sectors, that has characterised so much of the recent trading. The European stock markets are off the boil too and have followed the Dow futures lower. The DAX is still in positive territory on the session, but nothing like it was earlier, when it rose to a high at 16,839. The Nasdaq 100 closed last night at 16,793 and it is currently priced to reopen at around 16,865

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