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Nasdaq 100 futures higher today following negative key reversal yesterday

Yesterday the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100 led the early stateside gains. The index rose on the opening to reach a new interim high at 16,166. In fact, that was its highest level of the year to date. However, the index just could not hold the gain and started to fall back. It continued to lose ground as the session wore on. The index later fell back to hit a session low at 15,976 and closed not much above that low too. The Nasdaq 100 ended the session with a loss of 22 points, at 15,987. That was not only disappointing for the eye to see, but it was technical a really negative close too. You see it set in place a very significant key reversal, because it had opened higher, set a new high on the year and subsequently closed below the previous daily close (16,010). Of course that really negative close does not always deliver an immediate change in direction, as so often it does not alter that. Nevertheless, I for one am not taking that for granted. However, the Nasdaq 100 futures are higher this morning, currently indicating a reopening later on, at around 16,025 

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