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Nasdaq 100 futures higher this morning after rebounding into the monthly close

Right from the very get go on Friday the Nasdaq 100 was under pressure. So, even as the Dow Jones initially lifted above 38,200, the Nasdaq 100 was heading further in the opposite direction. The index had initially reopened at 18,550, but fell to a low at 18,189. However, just like the Dow Jones, the index lifted into the close and pretty much recovered all of that earlier downside, when it closed just 2 pips lower, at 18,536. However, once again it seems the price action pretty much mirrored that of its most important component right now-NVIDIA. That stock ended the day 0.78% lower, at $1,096.33. Overnight the gains in the Asian markets have helped to lift the Nasdaq futures and as with the Dow, the futures are pricing a higher opening for later today, currently at around 18,600

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