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Nasdaq 100 futures further in the red this morning

Very late yesterday evening an update here reported briefly on the Q1 results from Meta (Facebook) and the impact that had on the Nasdaq 100 futures. Well, the price there has fallen further today. The Nasdaq 100 futures have a short while ago priced the opening just below 17,300. The index closed last night at 17,526 before the impact of the Meta results became known. The Asian markets outside of China are all in the red today too and it is the Nikkei that is leading those losses, completely reversing almost all of the gains yesterday. There is important US economic data due out later today which will be covered here in updates to follow. The slide in Meta of over 15% in the premarket is of course at the heart of the further downside in the Nasdaq 100 futures this morning. There are yet more big tech names due to report later today and those will be covered in updates to follow

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