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Nasdaq 100 futures fall further

Earlier today an update here noted the potential importance of the Q4 results from the tech giant, NVIDIA due to be released at 9.20pm GMT tomorrow. In that update, I noted the potential for this one stock to have a significant impact on the index, owing to its now 3rd place raking within the index.  Well, subsequent to that update some analysts have called for the NVIDIA share price to tumble by as much as 10% or more, once those results are released. I am not sure I agree with that though, as much will depend on what emerges in the data. Perhaps it is those calls that have impacted the index futures this morning? That is because the Nasdaq 100 futures have fallen back further since my earlier update and are now pricing the reopening closer to 17,550, than around 17,650 at the time of that previous update 

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