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Nasdaq 100 futures eye opening below 18k now

Following on from the previous update noting the slide in the Dow Jones futures, the Nasdaq 100 has reacted in a similar way. The index future was pricing the reopening at well above 18,250 much earlier today. It has now fallen to below 17,900 subsequent to that CPI data. The index is going to open lower for sure now and it really all depends on how far it might fall from here on, until the close. The biggest surprise of all right now would be if dip buyers ignore the fundamentals again (as they so often seen to do). This data should not be ignored today though and it is really a question of how much profit-taking (forced or otherwise) will impact the Nasdaq 100 when it reopens a little later this afternoon. The Nasdaq 100 is right now priced to reopen at 17,880 

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